Kitchen Boa Dish Towel - Head Chef

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What exactly is a Kitchen Boa? Is it a new fashion statement? This Head Chef kitchen boa dishtowel can be used while grilling or in the kitchen. This new style in dish towels that keeps the dish towel close to your hands at all times is a unique gift for the cooks and grill masters in your life.  Designed so the long fabric wraps around your favorite cooks neck and keeps two dish towels close to their hands so they can wipe their hands, use has oven mits or dry dishes as needed. Use them in the kitchen or grill area. 

  • Endearing Titled Head Chef 
  • Pleated waffle towel made of cotton
  • 68" long
  • Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

Keep dishtowels close by when you need the m! It seems like when ever we are cooking on the grill or in the kitchen we put the dishtowel down and then can’t find it when we turn around. Or many people like to throw dish towels over their shoulder. Now with the kitchen boa dishtowels  are kept around your neck for easy clean up and handiness.