Custom Power Stone Round Bracelet

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Pick a gift that has meaning with this beautiful power stone round charm bracelet. Customize it based on the inspiration or energy your friend, sister or wife will are looking for. All stones are beautiful and each has a different meaning. 

Power Stone Bracelets Meanings: 

  • Jet Serenity | Bliss | Positivity 
  • Amazonite  Hope | Integrity | Communications
  • Pyrite  Confidence |  Luck | Vitality
  • Howlite  Calm | Ambition | Peace 
  • Malachite  Wisdom | Protection | Creativity 
  • Tiger Eye  Clarity | Luck | Prosperity
  • Sodalite  Logic | Knowledge | Love
  • Peridot  Empathy | Kindness | Friendship
  • Lepidolite  Calm | Trust | Balance
  • Lapis  Truth | Power | Intellect
  • Red Opal  Strength | Passion | Harmony
  • Turquoise  Heal | Enlighten | Success  

This bracelet is designed by Dune Jewelry, the patented designs are handcrafted in their studio by talented Sand Artists who use the highest quality materials from around the globe.  

Special Order: Please allow 3-4 weeks for these one of kind pieces to be made for you. We will be happy to provide a printed gift certificate with a photo of your custom order.