The 4 Best Silver Adjustable Slide Bracelets - You Will Want All 4!

Mar 7th 2018

The adjustable slide bracelets for women have been around fine jewelry for a while but the simple modern version first caught my eye when I was visiting London during Thanksgiving. Now every time I see one I admire the unique design and style. The best part of these silver chain or cable slide bracelets is that the slide bead makes them adjustable and will fit your wrist perfectly. The chain at the ends of the bracelet makes them dainty. Here are four that I found that are an affordable price point for gifts for friends or to treat yourself. 

Luca Sloane Slider $48

This bracelet is a great statement piece. It features an Aqua Swarovski crystal in the shape of a kite. I love the extra details of tiny aqua crystals at the end of the silver chain.

Pandora Sparkling Strand Bracelet $50

The tennis bracelet style never seems to go out of style and here is modern spin of the classic featuring a string of cubic zirconia diamonds.

Dune Jewelry Traveling Stack Slide Bracelet $34

This slider bracelet is a more meaningful piece because it can be custom ordered with your favorite beach sand, choose from over 3,500 sand locations in the world. Or fill it with a power stone element like turquoise to keep the good vibes near you all the time.

Travel Stack Slider Adjustable Bracelet

Michael Kors Pave Silver Tone Floral Slider Bracelet $85

The tiny flowers with diamond pave studs make this a fun and still stylish bracelet. 

Each one of these is unique, classy, easy to put on and can be worn everyday. I honestly love all of them and may need to sneak a few of these purchases from my hubby! LOL 

Happy Unique Gifting!

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