Unique Gift Ideas for Friends Traveling Abroad

Feb 28th 2018

Do you have a friend that is traveling abroad for the first time? Gifts for travelers are not only practical but also very thoughtful because it shows you were listening to them about their upcomin … read more

Galentine's Day Unique Gifts Ideas

Jan 30th 2018

via GIPHY You may be asking yourself what exactly is Galentine's Day? Is it another holiday made up by the greeting card companies? Nope! It was started on the TV Show Parks and Recreation, by Am … read more

Introducing Jennie Garth's Traveling Heart Jewelry Set

Jan 13th 2018

Did you used to watch Beverly Hills 90210? I sure did! So when I heard that Jennie Garth had partnered with Dune Jewelry to create a heart jewelry set I was so excited and could not wait to be a … read more