My Saint My Hero Blessing Bracelets

My Saint My Hero Bracelets are beautiful hand woven bracelets that made with love and prayer in Medjugorje, Bosnia. The small benedictine medals are made in Italy and combined with different handwoven bracelet styles in Medjugorje. What started out with one women in this small town creating bracelets while praying as a hospitality gesture for all the town's visitors, has now turned into a craft and profession for several women that supports their families.

These wearable blessing bracelets are a great choice if you are looking for inspirational gifts with meaning. The Divine Blessing Pearl Bracelet's features pearls. Pearls represents the Word of God and Kingdom of Heaven in Christian culture and tradition. These bracelets serves as a beautiful token to remember that God has told us to make the world a better place, you can complete this mission by using your hands to do good. 

Brilliance Blessing Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal in Black and Gold adds a sparkle to the handwoven signature bracelet styles. My Saint My Hero Benedictine Blessing For A Cure Bracelet is also a favorite to support breast cancer survivors. The  Benedictine symbol has long represented God's unconditional love and is worn all over the world and is an especially sweet keepsake for someone who needs a bit of quiet courage.