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Hi! Nice to meet you! I hope we get to be great friends! A little bit about me. I am a Florida girl and UF Gator alumni. My husband and I have Logan, soccer girl and Luke, video game boy who keeps us on our toes!

I am excited about the creation of Unique Gifts for Friends, an online gift boutique. I know how much fun it is to give someone a really unique and special present – gift cards just won’t do! I can’t wait to see the look on my friends’ faces when they open a fantastic gift, one that means something to them or fits the occasion! I also love to give friends gifts to lift their spirits.

In high school my first job was in a small boutique and I continued working in shopping malls for most of my career. One of my favorite parts of those jobs was helping customers with gifts for family and friends. Trying to find something that was special or that fit their friend’s style, was a pleasure. After having my children I took a break from the retail world and became involved in tourism and the online world.  After visiting a sick friend, I was disappointed because I could not find something special and meaningful to bring her. It was then that I had an "Aha" moment that I wanted to help people with thoughtful and unique gifts. This website blends my love of retail and the love of helping people find the perfect gift.

I spent many months searching online and visiting with designers and companies to find one of a kind items. I have selected beautiful and fun gifts for this unique gift website. I primarily focus on gifts that have a meaningful and thoughtful message or they will make someone's day brighter. As I discover more cool gift ideas and customizable gifts, they will appear here on this website. 

Several times a year I will also donate portions of my profits to give back to causes that are dear to my heart like cancer non-profit organizations. 

I treat your friends like they are my BFFs. If you are taking the time to buy something for someone, they must be pretty important to you and that means they are important to me, too. I carefully handle your gifts like I am giving it to one of my dearest friends and Free Gift Wrap is a given!  

Please let me know if I can help you find a unique gift for your friends! 

Contact email: info(at symbol)uniquely4u.com





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